Sydney Highlights

After 6 months living and working in Sydney, the time came for us to say our goodbyes and see what the rest of Australia has to offer.  But before we tell our tales of life after Sydney, here are some of the highlights from our time there.

Sydney Opera House

The Opera House is of course one of the must-see places in Sydney.  We went to see Giuseppe Verdi’s Force of Destiny, which was performed in the Joan Sutherland theatre.  Even if you’re not an avid opera fan, you can’t help but appreciate the vocal talent of the actors/singers and the emotion that they inject into their performances.

DSCN2260Sydney Fish Market

Found in Pyrmont on the harbour side, a short walk from Darling Harbour, the Sydney Fish Markets are open every day of the year except for Christmas Day.  It’s not a glamorous place, a little industrial looking both inside and out, and you can see the loading bays where the fish are hauled in on a morning.  However, we were amazed by the array of fish and marine life on offer, and also by the size of some of them.  We feasted on scallops mornay (delicious), oysters mornay and beer battered John Dory fillets, before purchasing a half a kilo of enormous meaty king prawns to cook at home later in the week.


Sometimes on a Saturday morning we would head to the Glebe markets, which are fantastic for one-off vintage steals – I found an original 60’s psychedelic dress for only $5.  Also in Glebe is a vintage shop called The Works, selling everything from clothing to retro telephones to old-fashioned furniture.  Heading in a different direction on a Saturday, there are the upmarket Paddington Markets, with original handmade items of clothing and jewellery.  In the city centre is a beautiful shopping area called The Strand, ornate and old fashioned inside, with a range of shops including lovely jewellery shops with old, second hand pieces.  Over the harbour in our home suburb of Crows Nest, was another of our favourite shops called Title, which is a little treasure of a shop with a brilliant eclectic collection of books and vinyl.


Sydney is over-run with restaurants with cuisine available from countries all over Asia.  We developed a real love of Thai food during our time there, with one of our favourite restaurants being The Tall Lemongrass in Crows Nest.  Affordable and selling the most delicious pad kee mao, we visited this restaurant on a number of occasions.  Another of our favourites, although a bit pricier and therefore more for a special occasion, is Garfish.  The fish in Sydney is amazing, and not even Whitby cod can rival this seafood restaurant.


The Bavarian Bier Cafe is a chain, with bars in the city, Crow

s Nest and Manly, to name just a few.  Tom loved the beer there (including how you could buy in measures of a litre).  I’m not a beer drinker, but I really liked their ladies beer, with lychee flavour syrup.  In the CBD is The O Bar, on Level 47 in Australia Square.  With huge glass windows, the bar is in an O shape and revolves slowly 360 degrees, meaning you can sip your drink and take in the amazing view of the city and beyond, very impressive all lit up at night.


Sydney Aquarium

The Australian coast is home to some of the deadliest marine life and also to some creatures which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  We saw some of these in the Sydney Aquarium, but most impressive of all were the underground tunnels where you can walk through and see sharks, dugongs and other sea life swimming around you and above you.  A great experience.


I found the most fantastic yoga studio in Crows Nest called Mantra Yoga.  The teachers are brilliant, the people lovely and the studio has a great atmosphere.  It’s one of the things I’ll miss most about Sydney.  While I stretched away in yoga class, Tom practised jiu jitsu at Training Grounds, also in Crows Nest.  I know it’s one of the things that he will miss most too.

Sydney has so much more to offer than what I’ve written about here, but these were our highlights.

Thanks for reading,