Exploring Sydney

We quite liked Glebe, with it’s slightly hippy vibe, quiet streets, amazing fish and chip shop and a few quirky boutiques.  However, we wanted to be nearer to the centre, so after a couple of nights we moved to Big Hostel in Surry Hills.

This hostel is better than the last one; light, clean and airy.  Everyone is respectful of each other and cleans up after themselves in the kitchen.  It is here that we met Taka, visiting Australia from Kyoto in Japan.  We said farewell to him this morning and hope to meet him again when one day we travel to Japan.

The hostel is also in a great location.  Hyde Park is just a short walk from our hostel.  It is a large park, with tall, imposing trees which create a kind of canopy, well-maintained grass and places to relax, both in the sun and the shade.  Even though there are busy roads around all sides of the park, the plant life surrounding you makes you forget that you are in the middle of the city.  The park is a hive of activity; some people jog along the paths, or practise yoga on the grass.  Others lay soaking up the sun, or reading a book under the shade of a tree.

Chinatown is also close by.  Paddy’s Market sells a huge array of fruit and vegetables from around Asia, and along the streets are all manner of eateries, including Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and Indian foods.

Compared to some of the cities in England, Sydney doesn’t actually seem that big.  Some of the architecture, structural engineering and infrastructure appears to be on a grand scale, but in terms of wandering from one area of the city to the next, you find you haven’t walked far before you are in a new area.  With the hot sunshine and balmy breeze, you can stroll around all day.