Royal Botanic Gardens

On Wednesday we took the free city bus to Circular Quay.  Looking out at the water, you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge to your left, and the Sydney Opera House to your right.  As the weather was so beautiful, we decided to spend the day outside, in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The gardens are absolutely beautiful, sat alongside the harbour with trees bordering the remaining sides.  There are huge areas of perfectly cut grass, a lush, vivid green.  A collection of themed gardens house a vast array of different trees, plants and flowers .  Various paths wind their way around, sometimes leading you into a quiet sanctuary.

In the Oriental Garden you can find wild and cultivated plants from China, Japan DSCN1872and Taiwan, to name a few.  Flowers here include the highly perfumed Magnolia, and the plant from which tea is produced, called Camellia.  Dotted around the garden are stone oriental lanterns, which were presented to Sydney by Nagoya in Japan, to mark their sister city relationship.

The Herb Garden is full of delicious smelling plants.  Some are used in cooking, such as the curry leaves and lime-scented geranium.  Others are used in medicine, such as catharanthus roseus, which is said to slow down the progress of leukaemia, and prunella vulgaris, which has been used to treat wounds and cuts as well as fever and rheumatism.

The gardens are so tranquil and peaceful, one of the most quiet, relaxing places you could hope to find.