Road Trip Part 3: Town of 1770

DSCN2642Continuing our journey down the coast, we spent a couple of days in the seaside town of Yeppoon before arriving at the Town of 1770.  Set on a lovely beach, Seventeen Seventy only has a population of around 220 people.  Such a small, quiet place, it could hardly be called a town, yet historically it is one of the most significant places in Australia.  The town marks the second landing of Captain Cook on Australian soil, in the year (you guessed it) 1770.

Our time there was peaceful, relaxing in the sunshine with only a few other people scattered along the beach.  As we took in the most amazing sunset, a squadron of pelicans landed on the sand.  It was almost as if they had come to appreciate the sunset as well.

We were reluctant to leave the town, but as we had a date for returning our hire car we had to move on.  The town of Bundaberg marked the final destination in our road trip.