Fraser Island

After 4 weeks of hard work on the farm, it was time for some beach time, so we joined a tour to Fraser Island for a few days.  It is a sand island, which only 4×4 vehicles can handle, so we felt it would be a safer option to travel with other (more experienced) visitors of the island than to go off-roading by ourselves.


Lake Mackenzie

We didn’t think we would see another beach as beautiful as Whitehaven Beach, but we were wrong.  75 Mile Beach is the longest stretch of beach on the island, and boasts beautiful sunrises which we were able to appreciate as we were camping behind the sand dunes there.  Around Lake Mackenzie are hidden secluded little beaches, with soft, pure white sand, perfect for relaxing in the sun after swimming in the fragrant tea tree infused water.  Eli Creek flows gently through overhanging branches from an underground reservoir out to the ocean.  The headland of Indian Head offers the most spectacular views of the island; it’s never-ending powdery sand, the swirling shades of blue in the crystal clear ocean, and the lush green trees further inland.  The Champagne Pools are warm rock pools beside the ocean, with frothing, foaming waves crashing over the rocks from the sea.  The scenery is just breathtaking.


Tom swimming in Eli Creek

Fraser Island was named after Eliza Fraser who survived from a shipwreck on the island.  Her husband, who was the captain of the ship, and the rest of the crew, all died, leaving her the sole survivor.  The indigenous people who lived there looked after her until she was rescued, however she sought fame back in England by telling wild stories about how they treated her.

The true, Aboriginal name for the island, is K’gari.  The local Aboriginal people, the Butchulla people, believe that K’gari was a female spirit who loved the island and its beauty so much that she turned into it.  A much lovelier name and story for such a stunning place.

One of our favourites to date, Fraser Island was a fantastic place to spend some of our last days in Queensland.  Back on the mainland, we made our way to Brisbane, where we boarded a plane for Melbourne.


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