Spit Bridge to Manly

Constantly busy with everything Sydney has to offer, we have rather shamefully neglected our blog.  Needless to say we have a number of posts to catch up on, the first being about the scenic walk from Spit Bridge to Manly.


The Spit Bridge to Manly (or vice versa) Scenic Walk is one of the most famous and popular walks in Sydney.  North of the harbour, the walk allows you to experience various bays, beaches and bushland areas.

One warm and sunny Sunday morning, we hopped on a bus which took us from our home in Crows Nest to Spit Bridge.  Taking steps down from the busy main road and under the bridge, we soon found ourselves in a peaceful wooded area.  The almost three hour walk led us from the leafy green shade to the quiet beaches of Clontarf Reserve.  From there, we came to Arabanoo Lookout, a fantastic lookout point.  Scanning 180 degrees, we could see the glistening of the harbour water in the sunshine and the thick, dense plant life growing in the more secluded areas.

Tired at this point, but with Manly in sight, we continued from this beautiful vista along a dusty track, under the shade of the trees, eventually arriving at Forty Baskets Beach.  This landmark was named after a catch of 40 baskets of fish made there in 1885 and sent to troops at the Manly Quarantine Station after NSW’s first overseas military expedition.

North Harbour Reserve and Fairlight Beach marked our approach to Manly, with the clear water softly lapping against the stones.  Strolling alongside the harbour, we eventually arrived at Manly Cove, where we rewarded ourselves with the most delicious fish and chips and a ginger beer.